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Title: Little Jealousy

Author: [livejournal.com profile] yurikamome19

Pairing: YutoYama

Rating: pg-13

Genre: AU, BL, Romance, angst-free

Nakajima Yuto was supposed to get used to this, to be on the sideline and see his boyfriend was being worshipped by many people, boys and girls, young and adult, juniors and seniors, basically by most of the people on earth. Okay, that’s a bit exaggerated. But he really had no doubt that it would happen if only they knew his lover in private, just how normal he was, like any other guy around, yet charming and kind despite of his harsh rude tongue.

Anyway, he should have not felt jealous when Yamada Ryosuke didn’t look at him and paid attention to anyone else. He should have gotten used to that after all of this time they were dating. But nah, he got jealous still. And as if he wasn’t childish enough by getting jealous, he got jealous at Ryosuke’s fans who was also their junior. Then, on top of that, it was him who introduced the said junior to Ryosuke. Way to go, Nakajima Yuto.

“who?” asked Yamada Ryosuke from the kitchen in the taller’s apartment, tasting the soup in the pot while Yuto was laying flat on his stomach on the couch, exhausted after his dorama filming and had no intention to move a single muscle anymore.

“Michieda Shunsuke. We all call him Micchi though. He’s our junior from Kansai, he adores you so much he couldn’t stop to talk about you everywhere” he re-explained, trying to be more coherent than earlier so Ryosuke could understand him perfectly.

He heard noises in the kitchen, and even without moving his body on the couch and looking what Ryosuke was doing, he knew that his boyfriend was preparing his dinner and making him a glass of warm tea. Oh how he liked this kind of domestic feelings, it relaxed him after a whole day working under strict schedule and heavy pressure. The smell of Ryosuke’s specialized menu, that fish dish his lover cooked in one of JUMP’s show, lifted his will to stir on the couch and sit up, seeing the fish was already served on the coffee table while Ryosuke was going back to the kitchen to bring him the rice and tea.

“about Micchi though, I promised him that I would ask you to ask him to go out for a meal. Couldn’t help it, he was too cute when he was talking about you. Clearly he worships everything about you” he talked about the junior again when he was sitting on the carpet and eating his dinner, turning at Ryosuke who was occupying his sofa, lying on it while playing game, setting the volume very loud.

“sure. Why not? My movie filming was finished anyway. I have quite free schedule now” Ryosuke replied in between the fighting noises from his game, didn’t even glance at him. The perks of dating a gamer, everyone.

He got used to it though. He knew Ryosuke loved him more because he left his cozy apartment and his set of PC and game to come to his apartment, do the chores while waiting for him to come home and cook his favorite dish. Yeah, he wouldn’t want more from him. He got enough love, affection and attention. It was enough. “I’m sure he’ll be so happy to meet you” he said, and this time Ryosuke looked at him just for a moment with a smile that the shorter only showed to him.

“you better not get jealous at him” the smile turned to a smirk at the same time the loud noise of the game was not heard, Ryosuke paused it just to throw that at him.

He? Got jealous at Micchi? No way, that’s ridiculous.

He was swinging his chopsticks in the air at Ryosuke when he spoke, “pfft, nonsense. Why would I get jealous at Micchi? He’s like a brother, just a kid”

“well, because you get jealous at everyone, every time. Ridiculous petty jealousy” Ryosuke pointed out and even though he had few flashbacks of his ‘episodes’ of getting jealous at Ryosuke’s friends (male friends, even JUMP) and fanboys (the juniors), he didn’t acknowledge it as petty jealousy. Because he thought he had a good reason to get jealous at them. He had a good reason to get jealous at them!

“I had a good reason of why I got jealous at them” and hell, he had a long mental list of it if Ryosuke wanted to hear it again. Yes, again, because he said it to Ryosuke again and again when they were arguing of why he didn’t speak to him and got mad or jealous because of other people. He felt sorry and guilty when they finished fighting though, he knew Ryosuke loved him yet he accused him of things so easily. Yikes, he hated that he was so childish. But he couldn’t help it.

“it won’t happen this time” he promised to Ryosuke, and to himself, especially to himself. What it would say about him if he got jealous at a kid?

“if you said so” Ryosuke’s eyes twinkled when he smiled, clearly wasn’t buying what he said and didn’t try to hide it. But hell, his lips looked so soft and smooth that he couldn’t help but kissing him although he wanted to retort back and win the argument. “go back eating your dinner”

He was pushed after a three seconds kiss which was not enough for him. “one more time” he grabbed his face and kissed him again while Ryosuke struggled and his lips parted with an amused smile that luckily made it easier for him to deepen the kiss and greet his tongue.

“stay here tonight” he said after the kiss, when Ryosuke was absent-mindedly playing with his long fringe, curling it around his finger.

Ryosuke stared at his eyes, smiling. “what’s in it for me?”

“me? All of me. All-you-can-eat me” he pointed at himself, grinning ear to ear.

Ryosuke scoffed at his random reference to all-you-can-eat buffet and chuckled heartily afterward, “idiot” saying that kind of stuff but he knew that Ryosuke would not refuse him.

It was around a week after that, after the filming that day was finished, that he invited the junior to a yakiniku restaurant that he and Ryosuke usually visited. He didn’t say to Micchi that his idol and adored senior would come, he wanted to surprise him. So they were sitting in private Japanese-styled room in the restaurant and ordering things first while the kouhai was wondering why he ordered way too much food although it was only the two of them there.

Yamada Ryosuke came when they were in the middle of eating the yakiniku, Micchi almost dropped the meat in his chopsticks along with the tools when he realized that Ryosuke was real and he was not dreaming. Yuto was so happy to be able to see how excited Micchi was as Ryosuke came over to him and introduce himself softly, “nice to meet you, I’m Yamada Ryosuke” with a freaking Nagisa-like tone. It was the tone that Ryosuke always used when he was talking with kids or playing with his dogs, that super soft and sweet voice, so different than his usual rude cocky tone.

The junior was visibly nervous when he answered Ryosuke and introduced himself, which Yuto thought was very cute. But alas, that was the last time he had that kind of pure white emotions that day. Because after that… he only got jealous at Micchi although he had said to Ryosuke that he would not get jealous at a kid. He was an adult, he wouldn’t get jealous at a kid. Well yeah, so much for being an adult, Nakajima Yuto.

But he had a reason of this! He really had, okay?

First… Ryosuke paid attention to Micchi way too much. Second, Ryosuke only talked with the kid and treated him like he was invisible and was not even in the room. Third, how could Ryosuke sit beside Micchi and not beside him?!

Well, those were his reasons. It was reasonable, right?

Nakajima Yuto, being the most unreasonable not-mature-at-all guy in the room, didn’t talk to Micchi or Ryosuke for the whole dining, sulking while eating his meal in silence as if he was eating alone and didn’t want anyone to bother him. But it was obviously not true. When he was like this, mad and upset and sulking… he wanted Ryosuke to notice him and talk to him. He probably would say that he was okay, but he still wanted Ryosuke to notice and just pay attention to him.

Pathetic, right? He was so childish for getting jealous at Micchi who was not even a threat to his relationship with Ryosuke, then sulking by himself and using it to get Ryosuke’s attention. Oh God Ryosuke was right, his jealousy was so petty and it’s ridiculous. But heck, he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t scrape out that irritating feeling in him even though he knew that it was stupid.

“Yuto-kun, do you hate me?” Micchi asked when it was just him and Yuto in the room, Yamada Ryosuke was excusing himself to get a phone call from his manager about his schedule, and the little kouhai threw a question that he had wanted to ask to Yuto.

“what?” Yuto could not pretend that he didn’t hear that, and he knew where this conversation was going on before Micchi even explained it.

“I monopolized Yamada-kun, sorry, Yuto-kun” The boy looked so guilty, afraid and worried, glancing at him like he was about to cry.

“what are you saying? It’s okay. Why should I be mad?” he tried to laugh it off, denying everything.

“because Yuto-kun and Yamada-kun… “ the junior seemed hesitant to finish his sentence, playing with his own finger under the table, “I heard some rumors” he glanced at Yuto.

“oh” dating rumors… Yuto thought. Gossip spread fast between the juniors you might think that they were a bunch of school girls.

“I’m sorry if you are mad because I was all over Yamada-kun. I was too excited”

“no, it’s okay. I understand that. Earlier I was just… thinking about… stuffs, work stuffs” he said, desperately making an excuse so Micchi would not figure out that he really was jealous. He still had his pride, all right. There’s no way he would admit that he got jealous at him.

His words washed away the worries in the boy’s face just a little, “really?” he asked.

He laughed it off, hopefully not too awkward and sounded forced, “of course. I won’t get jealous at you. I mean, if I really am dating Yama, I won’t get jealous that easy” uh-huh, loose attempt to conceal the truth but it didn’t stop him from doing it. Micchi should not know about his relationship with Ryosuke, not this early, the kid’s mind should stay pure for a little bit longer.

The junior’s face immediately got brighter with smile after Yuto’s explanation. Thank God Micchi was gullible to whatever people were telling him, Yuto thought. “I, uhm, I’m going to the toilet for a minute” he said when it was too awkward for him to handle Micchi’s innocent face looking at him. He needed a break from this and cool himself in the toilet.

But how surprised he was when he saw Ryosuke standing outside the private room, his face was split in huge smile and it looked like he was about to laugh so loud while rolling on the floor holding his stomach. Ryosuke heard the conversation between him and Micchi, there was no doubt about that. Oh, he was screwed!

“so, what was it that you told me a week ago? Something like… ‘I won’t get jealous at Micchi. He’s just a kid’, is that right?” Ryosuke teased him in a whisper outside the private room, in the hallway that was thankfully empty. “and look at that, a kid caught you red-handed”

“stop it” he groaned, face-palming himself. Ryosuke didn’t need to point it out, he knew what he had said and he was embarrassed enough without Ryosuke teasing him about him getting jealous and sulking. “I’m so not mature at all”

“true” Yuto passed a side-way glance at Ryosuke, making him to laugh without a sound which caused a drop of tears came rolling down from his eyes. At that moment he knew that he would never hear the end of this from Ryosuke, that he would mention it again and again to tease him and spread the story to their members.

It was not all though. Yamada Ryosuke tested his patience and treated Micchi super nice while glancing and smirking at him here and then. Apparently he had woken up Ryosuke’s sadistic side and now he was hell-bent to prove a point that he was so easy to get jealous even if it’s to a junior, a fanboy, and a kid that posed no threat to him. Great.

“okay, you win. I always get jealous so easily, at everyone. Happy now?” he finally gave up after Ryosuke kept mentioning his ‘sins’ the whole driving back to his apartment, those many times he got jealous at Ryosuke’s fanboys or friends.

“no if you still do that” Ryosuke replied from the kitchen, helping himself and getting a can of Coke from his fridge.

“I can’t help it. It’s my default setting when you’re with people” his eyes followed Ryosuke when the latter was walking to the living room where he was sitting.

“I get it if you get jealous at… let’s say, Yuma or Keito or Chinen. It’s so ridiculous and absolutely stupid because they’re just my friends, but I get it because they’re at the same age as us and you just doesn’t like it because I spend much time with them” Ryosuke said, seating himself beside him on the sofa. “but that kid? I just don’t get it”

“it’s not like I thought that you would cheat with Micchi or something. God, no” he shook his head, “it’s just… I hate when you pay attention to someone else when I’m around. I actually am jealous at your game too sometimes, why do you think I play that game too? Because I want to meet you there, in the game world, be a little bit sensitive about my feelings and realize it”

Ryosuke’s mouth parted in disbelief, the can of Coke he was holding and about to drink stopped mid-air. “are you serious?” and God damn Ryosuke was blushing.

“don’t blush” he said, feeling the heat was creeping to his own cheeks as the flutter of thousand butterflies was filling his stomach. They had been dating for few years now yet seeing Ryosuke easily got flustered by something that he said never got old, it always made him feeling embarrassed and blushing as well.

“I can’t help it, can I?” Ryosuke automatically cupped his cheeks and covered his ears, and the cuteness and the fluff just multiplied.

That was it. He released the last straw of his self control and shoved himself onto Ryosuke, hugging him like a puppy that missed his owner. “I just want to get involved with you more. I want to understand the things you like and know what you are talking about. You did all the efforts to understand camera for me. I just want to do the same”

Yeah, Yamada Ryosuke bought a camera and learned about it months ago, although Ryosuke hated complicated things that he couldn’t even set a PC alone. But Ryosuke wanted to learn about camera and even though he didn’t say that it was so they could talk about it together, Yuto knew that it was. Ryosuke was just too tsundere to say it out loud.

“Yuto… “

He released Ryosuke from his possessive embrace, only to look at his face when he said, “I guess I’m sorry I love you too much?” with a pout at the end of his sentence.

Ryosuke was speechless and blinking twice before he grabbed his face, making his mouth to purse even more then kissed him hard, “you’re so stupid. But I love you just as much even if you’re stupid and get jealous and sulk so easily”

Yuto furrowed his eyebrows at that, a little bit offended but didn’t press much on it because it’s the truth. Ryosuke loved him anyway even though he had those troublesome flaws, and that’s the most important thing for him. “kiss me again” he pursed his mouth, hands resting on Ryosuke’s waist, pulling his lover closer to him.

“jeez” Ryosuke let out a tsundere complaint with a smile on his face before he leaned forward to clasp his mouth on him, professing his love and telling him that he didn’t need to get jealous at anyone, everyone, in the world because he only loved him.

a/n: a fluff?


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