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Title: This is not a dream?!

Author: [livejournal.com profile] yurikamome19

Pairing: (double) YutoYama

Rating: pg-13

Genre: AU, BL, RomCom, stupid fantasy

Nakajima Yuto catches some noises of people talking when he is slowly leaving his dreamland back to the… nightmare he gets himself in. His eyelids are fluttering open although all they want to do are to close themselves and keep sleeping or getting unconscious, or whatever as long as he doesn’t have to handle the reality that he is in other universe with another Ryosuke and another himself. But well, he wakes up anyway and he sees double Yamada Ryosuke right in front of his face, one of them looks a bit worried and the other seems like he’s in awe.

“holy shit, he really looks like you. A bit unpolished, but he is your split image!” prince Ryosuke said, glancing back and forth between Nakajima Yuto the high schooler and Nakajima Yuto the knight who is thankfully already fully dressed now and standing in a considerable distance beside the bed.

Yamada Ryosuke rolls his eyes at the prince, as if saying that of course Yuto looks like his fiancé, he is his doppelgänger just like him who is the prince’s doppelgänger. “Yuto, are you alright?” he asked, helping Yuto to sit up on the bed.

“I don’t know how to answer that” Yuto replied honestly. Because come on, can someone really say ‘oh, I’m perfectly okay. Suuuper FINE!’ after knowing that they’re in other universe, crazy universe with dragons and monsters and witches bearing poison apples, and seeing the doppelgänger of themselves having sex with their very own best friends?

“you’ll get used to it, well… them and this world” Ryosuke is patting Yuto’s shoulder, looking down at him like a know-it-all senior. But to be fair, Ryosuke really is his senior in this new world.

“hey, what do you mean with that?” the prince who feels offended confronts Ryosuke head on, he doesn’t like the tone that Ryosuke used when he mentioned about him and the knight. They did nothing wrong!

“I just tell the truth. You need to chill a little bit and don’t jump on your fiancé’s…“ Ryosuke cannot say the ‘D’ word or ‘C’ word, because his mind is stupidly pushing an image of the knight’s D/C and it gives him a very strange feeling. “meat stick” yeah, he chose that word to replace the D/C word, “every time you have the chance!”

“loser, you can’t even say dick and cock” but unfortunately, the prince shoved the words right to his face,

Ryosuke gasps, “the fuck?” about to launch himself on the prince and start the fight, another fight, with him.

“you two, just stop it” the knight stands in between two mad Yamada Ryosuke right before they can grab each other’s neck and strangle each other. “can both of you please stop fighting even only for one minute? Please? We can’t live together like this, with both of you keep trying to bite each other’s neck off. At least I can’t”

The two Ryosuke are looking at each other, glaring, to be exact, but they obey the knight like twins obeying their mom. It’s not without reason that prince Ryosuke and Ryosuke obey Knight!Yuto when he is being serious like now, the knight could easily detach them from each other when they’re fighting and giving them a time out in the corner until they could stop shouting at each other. Yuto the knight is the mom, indeed.

The prince finally takes a chill pill, which is a strawberry, and sitting on the couch near the bed with a bowl full of the red fruit on his lap, while Ryosuke is glancing at the knight, hoping that he won’t give him a time out because he (almost) started a fight with his fiancée. And thank God it doesn’t seem like the knight will do that, he is busy interviewing Yuto aka his doppelgänger anyway.

“you really look like me” the knight says in awe, “it’s almost like looking at the mirror. Almost, because your hair is horrible. Don’t you know the thing called shampoo, conditioner and hair serum? It’s the basic need for hair as perfect as ours”

Umm… yeah it’s not an interview but a… make over advice? Gosh the knight is so narcissistic and crazy obsessive of making himself look handsome. And with Yuto here now, he has another white canvas to paint. The knight rambles on and on about hair product, then skin treatment, foundation, eyeliner… Yuto the high schooler thinks that the knight is speaking another language because he doesn’t understand a thing about that. He never cares about his skin or hair, not THAT much, not to the point of using different towels for his body and his face like the knight is now lecturing him about.

“but before all of that skin treatment, you really need to take a bath” the knight scrunches his nose, a clear indication that Yuto doesn’t smell very good right now. Well, of course. He had a long day at school, then cram school and then being thrown to another universe which completely freaked him out and made him to sweat a lot. Of course he stinks.

Yamada Ryosuke volunteers himself to take Yuto to the bath house, primarily because he doesn’t want to be in the same room as the knight and the prince when the latter has eaten all of his strawberry and he is bored, looking for another ‘thing’ to eat. Ryosuke doesn’t want to see himself, his doppelgänger, eating up something else than food, so he escapes the room with Yuto following behind him.

Yuto keeps saying that this universe is cray cray, which he just rolls his eyes at because he knows that this world is completely insane, especially their twins who apparently love each other. It doesn’t give a comfortable feeling to know that the doppelgänger have that kind of relationship, it’s just… weird because neither of Ryosuke nor Yuto ever think of themselves in a relationship other than friendship.

Oh my, Ryosuke… are you sure about that? Yuto kissed you several times before and you didn’t really hate it. The voice in Ryosuke’s head snickering in the darkness, playing an old film of his and Yuto’s kisses that happened here and there, in various stages of his life, especially when they were kids.

It’s just us fooling around! He denied, shaking his head and punching that voice in his head, not literally, of course, just mentally.

Oh, really~~~~?! We both know your gaze sometimes zoomed in Yuto’s crotch. And hell, you stared way too long at the knight’s ‘sword’


Oh, yes!!!

“Ryosuke, please don’t go crazy on me” Nakajima Yuto shakes Ryosuke’s body when the shorter looks like he is getting insane, whispering to himself and all of that. Creepy.

Ryosuke looks at Yuto, blinking several times to snap himself from his mental fight with his own evil and pervy thought before he notices that Yuto is – “why the hell are you naked?!”

“because I’m going to get in the onsen, duh” Yuto rolls his eyes, swaying his arm to point at the medieval-looking indoor pool that is steaming hot with a lot of flower petals floating on the surface. As expected from a royal bath house, it’s crazy cool!

“oh, right” Ryosuke laughs darkly, slamming his head (still mentally) on the rock wall of the bath house. Fuck, this universe is really messing with his head. He is straight for fuck’s sake! There is no way he will do what the prince and the knight do with Yuto. Nuh-uh, no fucking way!

“you come in?” Yuto, who knows nothing about the fiery fight in his head, turning around at him when he is about to going down the steps to get in the water, and holy shit… he sees all part of Yuto’s body. His traitorous eyes automatically go down despite of his straight mind screaming that he shouldn’t, and fuck… since when Yuto grows that big?

Nakajima Yuto dips himself in the water, sighing in comfort because the temperature of the water is perfect. “Ryosuke, come on. Let’s have a swimming match here. It’ll be fun” he asks Ryosuke to join him again, splashing water at his best friend who’s been acting very weird since they both left the prince’s secret chamber.

“No!!!” Yamada Ryosuke shouts his answer, running off to the door while screaming ‘Nooooooo!’

“what the – Ryosuke!” Yuto is very confused. Yamada Ryosuke, his best friend, is really weird and he loves to fantasize about other world, about other life, supernatural things, zombie apocalypse… well, Ryosuke is weird all right. But he has never seen Ryosuke like that!

Oh my God, this universe has driven Ryosuke crazy! He thought.

But well, at this moment the warm water is too comfortable for him to run after Ryosuke. He will just be here and have the pool for himself then he will deal with Ryosuke’s craziness later. Yep.

a/n: short update is this fic’s thing XD


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