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Title: This is not a dream?!

Author: [livejournal.com profile] yurikamome19

Pairing: (double) YutoYama

Rating: pg-13

Genre: AU, BL, love-comedy, stupid fantasy

“poisonous berry forest? We have to go there? That’s nuts!” Yamada Ryosuke shakes his head frantically at the idea of going to the so-called dangerous forest that everybody in the kingdom is so afraid of going to. Nuh-uh, it’s not going to happen.

Nakajima Yuto’s turns so pale when he turns from his doppelgänger Nakajima Yuto the knight to his best friend, “it’s that scary forest where monsters live, right?” he asks to Ryosuke, just to make sure, because he paid attention to what Ryosuke said to him three days ago about the forest and he still remembers. Oh my God, they have to go there?! Oh no, he is going to die! He and Ryosuke are going to die!

“that sounds dangerous and interesting. I’m in!” the prince of the strawberry kingdom gleams in excitement, slamming his hands on the table where two pairs of YutoYama are having a meeting.

The knight quickly shoots the prince a look that he can’t go, shaking his head with horror. “sweetheart, no. You’re the prince of this kingdom. It’s dangerous. What if – “

“I AM NOT STAYING HERE WHILE YOU HAVE FUN!” the prince glares at his beloved fiancée, his eyes flashing the light from the candles on the middle of the table and making him scarier than he usually is when his strawberry is gone.

Yuto the knight rubs his forehead automatically, easing the non-existent headache he has. “I am not going there to have fun. I’m going to the forest to get them to find the wizard so he can help them to go back to their world”

“that IS fun!” the prince argues. The hell with him being the prince of the kingdom, he wants to go for an adventure with his fiancée and what is better than going to a probably-cursed and definitely-full-of-monsters forest to find this infamous dark wizard who probably knows how to get the doppelgänger back to their own world? None!

Okay, so it’s been two days since Nakajima Yuto was sucked into this stupid universe and despite of his wonder of why Yamada Ryosuke seemed like avoiding him all the time, he convinced himself that Ryosuke was busy being the acting prince of the strawberry kingdom. While Ryosuke was working, he had a time to hang out with his doppelgänger, the knight, and they both were asking around (of course he had to put a mask on himself so people would not raise a brow of why there were two Nakajima Yuto) to find a way so he and Ryosuke could go back to their very-sane away-from-crazy universe.

So yeah, just few minutes ago the knight got a news from this super witch from the apple country that there is a powerful witch in the land that was so done with society and the drama in the world that he chose to live in the poisonous berry forest, right in the core of it, and he may know something about opening a portal to other universe. Then the knight shared the news with the gang, which obviously surprised the virgin version of YutoYama because… duh, they didn’t want to go the dangerous forest and kill themselves. And probably the wizard would want them for whatever potion and spell because they’re virgins!!!

Anyway, the knight wants to help the poor pure doppelgänger and go with them to go to the forest so he can protect them. He doesn’t know why, but he has this strong maternal instinct toward them, unlike his fiancée who only thinks Ryosuke the high schooler as a tool to cheat from his responsibility as a prince and a ‘wrestling buddy’. He wants his beloved prince to get away from the danger and not coming with them, but well… there’s no way to change the prince’s mind when he has decided something.

Yuto the knight blows out a deep breath before he agrees to let the prince coming with him, “okay. But you have to stick close with me all the time. Don’t leave my side”

“easy. I do that everyday” Ryosuke wiggles his eyebrows, smirking lecherously that the virgin version of him shudders and virgin Yuto to open his mouth and doesn’t blink as if he is watching a very good porn. Well, basically it’s a live porn.

“not that” the knight says, only to gasp when the prince’s hand is cradling the content of his pants, “Ryosuke…”

All right, the live porn is starting and it’s the cue for Yamada Ryosuke and Nakajima Yuto to get the hell out of the room and go to the other room in the tower, far far away from the couple so they won’t hear any of the dirty sound they make. “Yuto, come on!” Ryosuke yanking Yuto’s hand when the taller is nailed on the floor, watching the mature version of himself is hauling the erotic version of his best friend to his body then lifting him to the table all while they are shoving their tongues into each other’s throat.

Whoa, that is so – “Yuto!”

“wait, what?” Yuto is almost tripping when Ryosuke is dragging him out of the room to the dim quiet hall. The only sound in there is their shoes making contact with the flooring which is solid rock, tap tap tap, almost in the same rhythm as his heartbeat when he realizes that Ryosuke is holding his wrist.

That small touch, very tiny skin against skin thingy they have right there shouldn’t be such a big deal for him because he did a lot more than that with Ryosuke in their long-span of friendship. Hell, he kissed him few times! And he liked it, every single kiss, because Ryosuke’s lips felt so damn soft and good, but he never felt like his heart was hammering against his chest like now when Ryosuke is holding his wrist. Maybe it’s because Ryosuke ignored him for the past three days, since that moment he ran from him in the bath house that he feels like this right now.

See, he and Ryosuke were never apart. They were almost together 24/7 every day. And yeah it’s partly because of him who liked to annoy Ryosuke and get into his space, like watching him from his bedroom’s window, exchanging text with him although they could see each other from their own rooms, sneaking to Ryosuke’s room in the middle of the night using the ladder in the garden and sleeping with him till the morning came… hell, he did a lot of things that can’t be listed here.

The point is, they were never apart and three days ago was the first time Ryosuke avoided him and he didn’t talk with Ryosuke at all. So yeah, maybe that’s why he feels like this right now. This strange electrical fuzzy feelings running from the part where Ryosuke holds his hand, right to his stomach and heart. It must be because of that, right? It’s not like he has a feeling toward Ryosuke, right? The fact that he was so enchanted by the prince, the erotic sexy version of Ryosuke, it’s just because the prince is really attractive and not because the prince has Ryosuke’s face and he wants Ryosuke to do that to him, right?


“I want to kiss like that” Yuto suddenly says, his mouth apparently doesn’t have a brain and it’s not connected to one that he says what he really is thinking without the denial. Man, he is sure want to kiss and be kissed like the prince and the knight. But it has nothing to do with his sexuality, okay? It still has nothing to do with that!

Ryosuke wanted to not hear that, but he did, thanks to the rock walls of the hall that apparently are doing so good job at bouncing Yuto’s voice right into his ears. He wanted to pretend that he didn’t hear anything though, as if it could work well because his body reacts first and he swats Yuto hand automatically like Yuto is a virus. He doesn’t mean to do that, it’s just that Yuto always has weird ideas and he is afraid that he will say something like – “let’s try kissing like that”

Yeah, something like THAT.

Seriously, who the hell says something like that to a best friend? Horny virgin teenager or not, it’s unacceptable!

“what? No fucking way! Are you insane?” Ryosuke’s voice thundering in the empty hall, he meant to scare Yuto or snap the crazy out of his stupid brain by shouting at him but Yuto doesn’t show that he has realized that he’s wrong. He hates that Yuto is so used to him being mad and doesn’t take him seriously, thus explains the kisses that Yuto kept stealing from him although he almost broke his neck when Yuto did it for the first time, stealing his precious first kiss.

Yuto just rolls his eyes at him, as if he’s the crazy one here and kissing between best friends is the normal thing ever. “I’m not, duh. It’s just… I just want to know how it feels, to kiss someone that deeply”

“then go look for someone to kiss!” he exasperatedly says, fighting the urge to pull his own hair in frustration.

“with THIS face?” Yuto points at his own face, the moonlight from the window casting a light on half of his face that is exactly like the knight’s. “The people here will kill me if I ‘cheat’ on the prince. What a great idea to die, thank you for the advice”

Fiery madness is creeping into his heart, spreading fast he can feel it burning his chest, “so you want to kiss someone? Like… random people? It doesn’t matter as long as it’s a living breathing human being?”

It’s fine even if it’s not him?

Yuto just wants to kiss, is that it?

It’s just like what he has thought before, that Yuto just wants to experiment?!

What the –

“why are you making that face? You are the one who told me to look for someone to kiss, and the idea makes you mad? What the hell is wrong with you?” Yuto asks, and how dare he to ask him that while he is the one who is messing with him! The one who should be mad here is him and him only!

“you! You and your random horny ideas. You and… and… everything in you!” he knows he doesn’t make any sense, even he himself doesn’t know what is going on but now the most genius move to do for him is to flee the scene and he does.

Because God, it is so hard to look at Yuto and not having weird thoughts! And Yuto is so stupid for saying something like that to him when he is so damn confused and trying to figure out what the hell is happening with himself and why the fuck he wants to kiss Yuto like the prince kissed the knight. Fuck!

“Ryosuke!” Nakajima Yuto shouts at Yamada Ryosuke’s back, trying to run after him but Ryosuke has vanished like he’s swallowed by the darkness in the maze-like tower, and there is no way he’s gonna look for him around this secret tower, this building is like haunted and he doesn’t want to wander around alone especially because anything can happen in this stupid universe.

“what the hell. Is he having a PMS or something? Jeez” he grumbles to himself, turning around to go back to the safest place he can think of, which is outside the prince and the knight’s room, and if he happens to overhear or see something… well then, it’s pure luck?

The mission to get Yamada Ryosuke and Nakajima Yuto back to where they belong is executed a week from that night, as soon as the people (mercenaries, witches, and assassins) that the knight hired from other countries to protect the prince and assist the mission arrived in the strawberry kingdom. They can’t use their own soldiers and witches, because nobody knows about the doppelgänger and the dangerous mission. And imagine the king’s reaction if he knows that his precious prince is going to the poisonous berry forest along with his fiancée… yeah it’s not going to be fine.

So the mission, all of it, is a secret from everybody. Only the two YutoYama know about it, and well… the rented gang of people they hired. The prince and the knight are going to the cottage in the far south of the kingdom, or so they’ve told the people in the castle, because obviously it’s a cover-up story for their mission and soon after they arrives in the royal villa the soldiers are given something to drink so they fall asleep and the band of suicidal(?) people can go to that dangerous forest.

“this is SO fun!” the prince exclaims as he is poking the cheek of a sleeping soldier, grinning to his fiancée who kinda makes a guilty face for doing something like this to his fellow soldiers.

“I’m glad you have fun?” the knight says to the prince, forcing a smile which only turning bitter because they really are going to the forbidden forest after this. He is not afraid, you know. He fought a dragon one on one in the past, and since then there’s nothing that he is afraid of except… except losing his prince.

“can you promise me that you will not do anything stupid? Don’t get far away from me no matter what happens” he hooks the prince’s body with his arm, pulling him close to him and embracing him tightly.

“we’re not going to die, Yuto. I am not going to die, not before we’re married and have great sex every single day and night until we’re old” the prince rubs the knight’s cheek, assuring him that there is no way he’ll let anything and anyone to get in his way to marry him and have cute babies who has his eyes and Yuto’s growth spurt.

Meanwhile, from a safe distance, Yamada Ryosuke and Nakajima Yuto are watching the couple kissing each other softly, love and affection oozing from them, leaking and flooding the entire cottage with mushy feelings and atmosphere. Their love must be a virus, Ryosuke thought, because after a week of ignoring Yuto and sleeping in a separate chamber from him he has an urge to look at his best friend now, just at the same time when Yuto is looking at him.

And it would have been perfect just like that, just them looking into each other’s eyes and having silent brotherly bond, but of course Yuto has to destroy it, “do you want to kiss too?”

“NO!” he answers immediately.

Although, if he is forced to be awfully honest to himself, he wants to kiss Yuto too.

But it’s only because they may die in a few hours!

a/n: short. But at least I update it XD


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