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This journal is used to post my fanfictions, take a note, this is not my regular journal. So most of the time, I won't be lurking around the communities, reading and commenting on the fanfictions I've read with this account. I have some circumstances so please understand *bow* _(._.)_

I've started writing since Yuto's 19th birthday :D

The main pair of all my fictions here is YutoYama, I'm their huge shipper. So...yeah, for the meantime I will only write about them ♥♪♥♪

edit: But then I fell for YamaHaru (Yamada RyosukexKawaguchi Haruna) pair. It's Kindaichi Neo and their promotion in variety shows. I wrote some of them and hopefully they won't be lurking on my mind too long so I can focus on YutoYama pair >_>

Then a bold warning for everyone who finds this journal and wants to read my stories. I wrote smut pretty much. Didn't know what is smut? err, you know...*cough*sexual intercourse*cough*. So if you're underage and can't accept smut between boys then don't read it. Simple, right? I put a warning and rating into NC-17 if my story contains smut scene so please...please...read everything here with much responsibility.

me? I'm totally passed the legal age to write smut story XD I've passed 20 already, but didn't plan to grow older. I decided to be 20 forever. You know, gurlz~ We hate aging XD

thank you for everyone who read my crappy story. I'm a newbie, please bear with me :D

☆♥♪☆INDEX for the one-shot here~☆♥♪☆

☆♥♪☆INDEX for the series here~☆♥♪☆

Since it's been already years since I've made this journal, I'll be moderating the friend invitation. You still can add me but please introduce yourself below and let me know if you're old enough to read smut or not since I REALLY need to know that my job in real life pretty much the reason why I need to make sure about that.

Feel free to talk to me~ I'm not a choosy type of person, so I'll be glad to befriend anyone, younger or older, girls or boys, whichever shipper you are, it doesn't matter to me. I don't want any gap between us in this so called fandom ^O^ I just hope all of us can respect each other although we have a lot of differences. different ichiban, different otp...it doesn't matter right? we have one strong similarity and that is: loving JUMP XD Let's getting along well in JUMP's fandom, YutoYama fandom or YamaHaru as straight fandom ^o^

Some comments about my fics will definitely encourage me to move forward and write. It makes me smile and happy ♥♥♥

then...I hope you enjoy reading my oh-not-so-good fictions

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