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if the summary written in red means the fic is smut, NC-17. Please be responsible with what you read ne~ Don't blame me if I ruin your innocence. Don't read if you don't want to, simple :D

edit: Almost all of the fics with heavy smut content are locked

title: Yuto's jealousy

summary: Yuto thought that Ryosuke is cheating on him.

title: Ryosuke's sweet revenge

summary: sequel to Yuto's jealousy Ryosuke decided to take a revenge to Yuto.

title: I Wish (song fic)

summary: Yuto has been loving Ryosuke for years, but can't say that. Keito takes the chance and confess to Ryosuke

title: Second Chance sequel for I Wish

summary: Yuto run away from Ryosuke and Ryosuke run after him

title: 3 times JUMP had a fight involving Yuto or Ryosuke + one time the other members confirmed what are the causes from the victims and planning an extreme plan for the troublemakers

summary: the title is the summary :D

title: 4 times Ryosuke grants Yuto's 'wishes'

summary: Ryosuke found Yuto’s secret diary, and it’s contain some kinky fantasies of him. will Ryosuke make it true?.

title: From a bet to bathroom smut (XD)

summary: Yuto and Ryosuke make a bet about who will ask the other to making out first. sucks summary

title: Switching Role

summary: Ryosuke is wondering why he have to be a bottom?

title: 5 times Ryosuke clinging on Yuto

summary: Ryosuke loves clinging on Yuto's body. <= sucks summary, I know

title: Love Delivery: I want to order your love

summary: agressive hot blooded Ryosuke is falling in love with the boy who is delivering his order

title: The first lesson Yabu learned from YamaJima

summary:read the title XD

title: The moments that didn’t allowed to be released in JUMP world DVD

summary: the title is the summary XD

title: YamaJima's way to stay focus

summary: Busy schedule made our sweet couple didn't have any moment to be alone, which was making Ryosuke did a lot of mistake in practice because he just couldn't get his mind off Yuto. warning: heavy smut

title: Stole My Heart

summary: Yuto is falling in love with Ryosuke who has a severe brother complex

title: Moisture pack

summary: Yuto found out one thing which is more healing than a moisture pack

title: Suspicious comment

summary: Ryosuke made a suspicious comment on his solo PV's making and Yuto was so eager to dig in the truth from him

title: When Yuto got mad

summary: Yuto got mad because some fans disturbing him and Ryosuke on the train.

title: Biking Date

summary: Yuto found out how to have a date with Ryosuke without riding a train (sucks summary XP)

title: Ownership

summary: Ryosuke being so bold in Wink Up photoshoot and it's leading to...

title: Hundreds year of loving you

summary: Yuto is a youkai who fell in love with a human and a sad fate is waiting for him

title: Ideal Confession

summary: Yuto said in Shounen Club about his ideal confession and Ryosuke wanted to make it comes true

title: JUMP's valentine

summary: various pairings in JUMP and their valentine. Yuto being so mad. Fake!YamaJima. Crazy ecchi fantasy and the expected ending

title: Pregnant?

summary: Moody mad Ryosuke and oblivious Yuto.

title: The night in a hot land

summary: what happened after JUMP's fans meeting at Thailand. SMUT! YamaJima

title: bathing time

summary: YamaJima took a bath together

title: YamaJima random Drabbles

summary: drabbles, heavy with YamaJima moments.

title: I knew you were trouble

summary: Yamada Ryosuke knew it, since the first time he met Nakajima Yuto that he would bring trouble into his heart

title: stay, stay, stay

summary: all Yuto wants is for Ryosuke to stay with him. sequel of I knew you were trouble

title: Happy first anniversary! YutoYama!

summary: Our lovely couple is having a special date for their first anniversary. Yuto prepared a big unforgettable surprise for his pretty wife and Ryosuke is making sure he pays him back so well

title: Strawberry Trap

summary: Ryosuke will do anything for his beloved strawberry and it leads him to find a boyfriend in a group date. Two-shots, linked with Miss Mystery. slight hint of smut.

title: Miss Mystery

summary: healthy naughty teenager Yuto needed something to color his boring life. He met a mysterious girl and found himself get attracted by her. Yuto's side of Strawberry Trap. slight hint of smut.

title: Black Effect

summary: Ryosuke dyed black his hair and it had an effect on Yuto.

title: Sweet Room series - Last Love

summary: written based on a short drama of Narimiya Hiroki with the same title. just made a little change for the ending.

title: Their precious similarity

summary: Yuto and Ryosuke are two different person. Hobbies, personalities...none of those is same. But there is one similarity of them, and that is...

title: hanami

summary: Yuto and Ryosuke was doing a hanami at night.

title: Eraser thief

summary: Yuto was stealing Ryosuke's eraser everyday in an exam weeek.

title: Sweet room series - Birthday

summary: Ryosuke had an innocent plan in a suite room but Yuto screwed it up.

title: triple drabbles

summary: three drabbles including Yuto tried to make Ryosuke ride a house with him, JUMP's perverted minds turned on when they heard suspicious moan of Yuto, and how Yuto put a conclusion that his uke is a pervert.

title: Nagi vs Yamada Ryosuke

summary: Ryosuke wanted Nagi as boyfriend. Yuto started to act as Nagi and got Ryosuke annoyed.

title: The promise

summary: A promise which could never be able to fulfill by Yuto to Ryosuke.

title: Drowning

summary: the one Yuto loves is gone.

title: When Nagi met Ainosuke

summary: Requested fic. crossover of Share House and Hidarime :D

title: AriYama drabble

pair: AriYama

summary: no summary, it's just some short drabbles. and yes, it's AriYama XD

title: where kiss can lead them to

pair: AriYama

summary: no summary, it's just a short drabbles. and yes, it's AriYama XD

title: Powerless

summary: Yamada Ryosuke, the most powerful yankee in the town and Nakajima Yuto, the bookworm with thick glasses are having a special affair

title: Hotaru - B version

summary: geisha! Ryosuke + soldier! Yuto

title: Hotaru - W version

summary: geisha! Ryosuke + general! Yuto

title: Mismatched

summary: YutoYama in their characters in dorama 'sensei wa erai'.

title: Adieu, Sensei

summary: Ryosuke had a one-sided love to Yuto, his teacher who already got a family.

title: OTP's story

summary: YutoYama's story from their childhood, their cold war and their relationship now from my own crazy imagination

title: Stupid love comedy in baseball field

summary: Thanks to the news of Yuto's new dorama, this fic has born. about Yuto, the baseball player who is in love with his rival from other team.

title: Love Voyage

summary: YutoYama as a part of Greek myth

title: Angel fell into me

summary: the silver-haired angel suddenly fell on Yuto, like... literally.

title: Trapped in an abyss

summary: the son of a yuki onna got caught by a human

title: he is NOT gay

summary: YamaHaru (Yamada Ryosuke x Kawaguchi Haruna) fic with some facts and imagination combined :D

title: amnesia

summary: basically YamaHaru (Yamada Ryosuke x Kawaguchi Haruna) fic but in Yuto's pov.

title: chocolate

>> sequel

summary: A submissive Ryosuke met a Dominant Yuto in a private club.

title: all for you

summary: YamaHaru (Yamada Ryosuke x Kawaguchi Haruna) making out drabble.

title: her only prince

summary: YamaHaru (Yamada Ryosuke x Kawaguchi Haruna) fic. Short one-shot.

title: Out of your love

summary: Ryosuke thought he and Yuto would last forever, he didn't expect that it would be him who ruin everything. angst

title: tender sweetness of vanilla in your kiss

summary: Yamada Ryosuke x Kawaguchi Haruna (YamaHaru). drabble. nothing but a kiss :D

title: to lay down beside you

summary: Ryosuke tried to make Yuto relaxed and he got more than a success. Drabble YutoYama ver

title: to lay down beside you

summary: Yamada Ryosuke x Kawaguchi Haruna (YamaHaru). drabble. same theme as the drabble above but YamaHaru ver.

title: double smutty one-shot

summary: punishment(s) Yamada Ryosuke got after the infamous fail!advance of Nakajima Yuto to kiss the older on stage. ADULT-ZONE, Kiddies please back-off.

title: Love apocalypse

summary: they met and fell in love in the world which had forgotten about love. Struggling, struggling to understand the feeling which was growing inside their hearts.

title: none (can't think one)

summary: a puppet that was destined to obey its master and supposed to be barren, soulless, accidentally fell in love.

title: The sheriff and The so called ruthless gunman

summary: an odd love story between a sheriff and the most wanted criminal.

title: Yuto the mortal human and Ryosuke the silver-haired angel

summary: kinda sequel of Angel fell into me

title: YamaHaru drabble involving a bed

summary: read the title. light!smut :D

title: sweet kiss. you. repeat

summary: YutoYama kissed. then kissed again. enough. drabble

title: drabble - untitled and sequel-oneshot

summary: supernatural thingy that I'm not good at. kinda sequel of trapped in an abyss

title: Second Button

summary: The story of how Yamada Ryosuke's second button, as well as his heart, found its owner

title: Goodbye my hopeless love

summary: angsty drabble because of the author's angsty mood at that moment.

title: Once Before

summary: Fantasy. Almost nonexistent YutoYama. The story of a little elf boy and mysterious boy he saw. Damn I still suck at making summary.

title: The Difference

summary: song-fic based on Nick Jonas's The Difference because I'm quite obsessed. Teacher-Student relationship.

title: Nothing would be better

summary: still Nick's song-fic but kinda related to Cain and Abel which is Yamada Ryosuke's new getsu9 dorama. angst.


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